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Shares on the website don't match shares on the miner

JPB18 2 weeks ago • updated by Poolmining Support 2 weeks ago 6

Hey there!

I'm having this problem where the shares on the miner aren't matching the shares I see here on the website. For example, in the miner, I've currently this:

However, on the website, I see the following:

Any reason why my miner's shares are 3x bigger than the ones the pool reports?

Here's my MONA address: MTvCM8smh9bikfczV5Dxy9p6AXQPzi6Xeb

> Everything else will continue to operate normally.

I assume the share count is on the "everything else"...

Under review

@Ipsum: No that's not related to this. 

@JPB: When blocks are paid out, older shares that are no longer eglible for future payouts get deleted by the server.

Ah ok! So that counter is only showing the yet-to-be-paid shares, right?


Yep, shares were still counted.