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[MONA] Hashrate, miner, payout, bittrex

Alex 2 weeks ago • updated by Dromar419 1 week ago 17

Good day! 

I have a some question

1st) Hashrate on pool looks like: 

In miner 
is it ok, or i have problems?
2sd) ferm work 1 hour, balance is 0. why? 
3d) i use wallet on bittrex. Is it correct to use wallet monacoin like this? 
or I must to use BTC wallet for payout

Tnks for answers! 

Sory for my English) 

All "OK", temp problem on pool side but the share count is ok, don't worry.

can u help with 2 and 3 =) 

yesterday i used to pool suprnova and for 1 hour workek give me about 0.1 MONA

I worry about correct configure my miner and payout settings

now hashrate not a zero




Mining during 8 hours on Suprnova gives me ~0.3 MONA (about 120Mh/s hashrate).

12 hours here, pool founds 3 or 4 blocks and ... 0.04 MONA only. 


at least u got mona for ur hashes. A day and a half of mining (almost 7k shares) and then i went to groestl, come back here to start mining again and see my share balance has gone to 0, and I received no balance in return. My shares were dropped because i was helping out here when there was a big lul between blocks.

This pool is setup to attract big miners. Don't mine here unless there is some giant influx. If you mine between blocks and are just a small 1 gpu miner, your hashes will go down the drain. Just go to a big pool. They say the pool is setup to reward long term miners, yet it completely relies on giant hashing farms to join it, which usually comes in waves. So if you sit here mining when there is no help and a week sits between a block, you will get a garbage payout when the big boys come to help, and then they will leave, and you won't find another block til they come back. Rinse repeat.

Under review

Adam. Two days ago this whole thing was tiny. I knew most of the active miners around here from this place. It's in no way meant to attract the big miners. I'm currently struggling to cope with that growth. I'm already into 17 hours of work today but I do what I can. In the end I'm just human and there's only so much I can do between working on the pool and supporting you guys here.

Well, it definitely seems to be a by-product of how things are setup, and it likely won't be as much of an issue if the fat-hashers stay. It is just a word of caution to small-time miners to think twice before giving hashes to this pool when blocks are hard to find. I'm honestly not even mad at you, or the service... Catering to every small-time GPU miner isn't going to get your pool anywhere. It sets up nicely for people that are capable of pushing big hashes.

Understandable, any idea of the scope of the work you need to do? Is it possible to ballpark an ETA on a fix, maybe as a secondary "reported hashrate" on the my stats window? Just started mining with both my rigs today and am interested in staying around for a few weeks to months if Mona stays this profitable and this pool can handle the flow.


I tend to agree that there could be a bug.
I've got two 1080TI's and one 1070 running a combined local hashrate of around 160MH/s.
They've been running for about 14 hours.  They past two or three block finds have not increased my balance at all.

At least your shares are still there lol

I'd take the balance showing correctly over the shares or the hashrate.

I feel the same here

1x 1080ti and 3x 1060 for 125MH/s here, online dashboard only shows 32MH/s and I've earned .14 Mona in over 12 hours. Was expecting to be at at least .5 by this point. Time to cut my losses on those 12hrs+ and find another pool.

I'm seeing ~50% hash-rate here vs. my reported hash-rate, after ~45 mins mining.  I'm bailing on this pool until people report this is resolved.

Considering the number of people looking for a pool due to the NiceHash hack, I'd suggest the operators and devs here need to get this fixed, and fast.. or they're gonna miss out on the flood of new pool miners.

I don't think there is a pool in existence that will give you the exact reported hashrate that your local miner is. It is showing you an average based on your submitted shares. The calculation's results will sometimes show higher or lower hashrates at any given time compared to what your local hash rate is. In the end it balances out.

After an hour, at 65MH/s reported locally, and 30MH/s reported here, it doesn't inspire confidence.  Given the potential for skimming and the problems reported with pools like minergate, people are naturally suspicious.  My average over the last hour on a 1080ti is NOT 30MH/s.. that's barely half of my actual rate.  Where's the rest going?

I'm fairly certain it has to do with the difficulty swings. Your share submissions between any 2 points in time will vary, sometimes drastically depending on the difficulty. In the end it will balance out. It is just hard to see immediately because this is a small pool. You would need to mine for probably week to see things smooth out, as long as blocks keep getting found. My worker tab hashrate on suprnova's pool moves around like 10mh/s every time i refresh the page. It is almost a useless metric. Just take your miners numbers as gospel. If you don't trust the pool, and aren't willing to wait a few days to see how things equalize, then move to a bigger pool. But it's not going to change the average mh/s reporting weird numbers on the websites.