ATTN: Pool and miner hashrate will not update for the next two hours

Poolmining Support 2 weeks ago • updated by Ipsum Icin 2 weeks ago 7

To analyze a problem, we will disable hashrate updates for all pools for the next two hours. This will affect only the display of pool- and miner hashrates. Everything else will continue to operate normally. I will update this post once updates get re-enabled.

Hi Poolming admin,

I got 6 x GTX 1070 having around 200Mh/s, but in "My Stats" on the web only have few Mh/s, what is going on?

Also, I have 1500 accepted shares, the Balance is still 0 while the Block is found and confirmed. Is it expected? 

Miner hashrates are currently not updating which is the subject of this post. Balances will update when the next block is fully confirmed. Which pool are we talking about?



please advise.


Hashrate updates have been resumed.

Miners hashrate still different the stat

but now x3