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Stratum Ports For MonaCoin - Which One To Use?

Luna 2 weeks ago • updated by Tofu 2 weeks ago 5

Not sure which one to use. I have a personal desktop with 1x 1070 that I'm mining with, as well as a separate rig with 3x 1070s I'm mining with also for Mona. NVIDIA GPUS, Windows.

stratum+tcp://mona.poolmining.org:3092GPU Mining
stratum+tcp://mona.poolmining.org:3093High-End Multi GPU Mining
stratum+tcp://mona.poolmining.org:3094NiceHash / Multi Rig-GPU Mining

You must use 3092 port for one GPU. IMHO

What if I have 6x 1080ti  rig (~350 MH hashrate)

is it already enough for Hi-End GPU mining port ?  What should I use  92 or 93?

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It really doesn't matter to which port you connect because all ports are using vardiff to dynamically adjust difficulty up and down according to your hashpower. If you connect to high-level port and are submitting shares to slow, your difficulty gets adjusted down until it fits. Chosing a lower port only means that it will take less time to adjust your difficulty.


This should be added to either the FAQ or the front page. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't sleep well last night because this was on my mind.

Thank you very much, this helped out a lot!