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Dash block stuck at 0%?

tllt 2 weeks ago • updated by JPB18 2 weeks ago 9

There appears to be a Dash block stuck at 0% for a couple of hours now. Any idea what is up with that?


Same thing is happening with two blocks on the Monacoin pool...


I think boss is sleeping, keep quite. From previous 2 blocks, he changed automatically dispatch coins when a block get found to manual control. I like automatic way as you guys. Wait.

For what reason, do you think?

Buo---I don't know. Non lo so. 我不知道。わかりません。

to shake out more blocks I think its working be happy your not on nicehash - they got hacked

Lost 0.005 BTC for that event, fxxk, long time CPU mining, a lot of energy and suffering from mining noise got wasted for nothing. Hackers and thieves are motherfxxker, eat shit. 凸(`0´)凸

Under review

Daemon got stuck for some reason. Just restarted it.

Now two blocks stucked at 31% and 46%.

About 2-3 hours ago.

Same happened on MONA:

Edit: A possible implementation suggestion I would like t do would be to have MiningCore load balancing between several Daemon instead of just one, so that if one gets stuck, the others can cover for it, as well in order to reduce the workload of each Daemon. Also, occasionally polling the Daemons to see if they're working fine, if one of them is stuck, automatically reset it... I'm currently reading the source the see if it's feasable =)