Planned changes for display shares under "My Stats"

Poolmining Support 1 week ago • updated by happyserendipity 1 week ago 22

The number of shares currently displayed in the "My Stats" section of each pool is currently exactly that, the number of submitted shares. To make it easier for miners to compare their contribution, I would like to change that to the value used by the payout system which would be the sum of all shares multiplied by their difficulty.


Let's assume Miner A submits ten shares at difficulty 10. With the current system he would see "10" as his number of shares. Under the proposed system he would see 10 * 10 = 100. Miner B with a much weaker rig, submits 100 shares but at difficulty 1 which would also result in the value 100. As such their contribution to the block effort would be equal. Using a payout system without temporal variance this would result in both miners receiving an equal amount. With PPLNS which we use to prevent pool hopping, there would be a slight variance depending on when both miners submitted shares and whether one of them stopped mining at some point.

This change would be in line with what most other pools are using today. What do you think?

Under review

Status Update: MONA & VTC

Poolmining Support 2 weeks ago • updated by ASUS 1 week ago 42

We've just deployed two fixes for the Lyra2re2 based pools Monacoin and Vertcoin. The hashrate should be in line with the actual values and the payouts should be distributed more evenly according to hashrate. I will monitor this constantly.

Under review

Dash block stuck at 0%?

tllt 2 weeks ago • updated by JPB18 2 weeks ago 9

There appears to be a Dash block stuck at 0% for a couple of hours now. Any idea what is up with that?

Under review

This pool is horse shite... 12 hours mining with 10x GTX 1060s = $2 reward!

Peeved 2 weeks ago • updated by Giovanni 2 weeks ago 10

404 on Dash page

Picante 6 days ago • updated 6 days ago 2

Looks like the Dash page is down. Doesn't appear to be affecting mining but can't check pool activity or balances.

Under review

Clarification on the missing Monacoin Blocks throughout the day

Poolmining Support 4 days ago • updated 4 days ago 3

As already discussed in the other thread related to this, the Monacoin pool was supposed to find a lot more blocks over the day than it did given its hashrate. As a matter of fact the pool did find blocks, 10 to be precise. The reason those blocks were not visable on the pool's block list was a subtle change done to the process when submitting mined blocks. After the pool detects that a submitted share has hit the block target, the block gets submitted to the coin daemon. When this succeeds the block has been mined and the block reward is given to the submitter of the block - the pool. This worked fine. What went wrong is, that after submitting a block we also request the block's coinbase transaction hash from the daemon to track the confirmation progress. For some unknown reason this hash was not returned by the daemon for those last ten blocks. A coding error in the pool - introduced yesterday - caused the entire block to be regarded as orphaned because of the missing transaction hash and thus the block got not listed. It was simply forgotten. The code was reverted to the less strict block submission success check. Seven of the ten blocks have fully been paid already and the other three blocks are in their unlock stage.

My apologies for this mess!


concerned about pool xmr finding blocks - not newb

Mad_Scientist_565 3 days ago • updated 3 days ago 4

I scoped this site a little while back, and the XMR hash rate was under 40kh/s.  its now over 100 with the shutdown of another pool.  Here's the thing. this pool found a block on average once a month with that low hash rate. A pool with 1Mh finds a block roughly every day, so by that token a small pool with 1 tenth the hash power should find a block every 10 days.  I've been here a week, and before that it said last block was found a month ago.  so you have a months worth of hashing at 20-50kh/s plus the last few days of 100kk/s+.    what is the current effort % on that. because it seems like we should be over 500%.  (I've never gone above 420% without finding a block, but that's just me) also, does this site report orphans?  (also they found 5 blocks, all 2 months ago, whats up with that. was there alot of hashing power here at one time?)


Vertcoin Effort Calculation Doesn't Look Correct

ThatGuy 1 week ago 0

The last VTC block took 17 hours and shows an effort of 1%.  The previous block took 2 hours and shows an effort of 22%.  Can't be right.

Under review

Waiting for the Dash Block anytime now..

Rob MacNaughton 2 weeks ago • updated by Giovanni 2 weeks ago 11

We had 15 blocks in 11 days now that average of little more than 1 per day so 2 days now and no block..Guess it will happen any time now?

Under review


thierryouellet 4 weeks ago • updated by T0pTun 1 week ago 2


Is there any API or mobile app that I can use in order to track my miners? I want to get alerts if a miner goes down.